Owning a business website will help in the growth of your business on a large scale. Whether you are a freelance designer, own a pet shop, run a huge corporate company, or are involved in any kind of business, having a great website is essential for your company’s success.

However, if you have an ineffective and boring website that attracts zero users and does not contribute to your revenue, then it is then just a waste of time and resources. Instead of letting that happen, be aware of the fundamentals needed to create a website that could actually help your business grow.

Here are six fundamentals you need to know before you create your business website:

1.    Simple and Easy Information Architecture

Information Architecture or IA is one of the key elements in website design that focuses on organizing information, structuring websites and apps, and helping users navigate them without any hurdles.

Developing a simple, easy, and user-friendly information architecture makes sure that the users of your website spend less time and effort in searching for information as it will be easier for them to find it.

2.    Minimal design

Making your website visually appealing to your users and visitors is one of the most basic needs of a website that you are probably aware of. However, what you may not know is the importance of keeping your website design minimal, neat, and simple.

Having a minimal website design helps your content stand out, helps users with navigation, and definitely improves site readability. Since your design is minimal with lesser graphic elements, images, or videos, it also helps in increasing your page loading speed.

3.    Planned color scheme and typography

Choosing the right color palette and typography for your website are fundamentals in layout design. While choosing them, you have to make sure that your color scheme and the chosen font family don’t clash with each other.

Both of these will define your brand identity and affect user experience. So, plan your color palette and fonts accordingly and ensure that they both go together well.

4.    Optimised and simplified content

Writing content for your website might be a tough task in itself. You will have to write content that is easy to read and understandable to your users and visitors. If they don’t get what you are trying to say, how will you think your business is going to sell?

Along with simplifying your text, don’t forget to optimize it in a way that could reach a large audience. It can include using associated keywords, adding appropriate title tags and meta descriptions, and including relevant links.

5.    Social proof

One more fundamental you need to know when creating business websites is providing social proof. Including social proof of your brand, products, or services on your website will increase people’s trust in your business.

Some common ways of establishing social proof are including positive reviews, customer testimonials, celebrity endorsements, your social media accounts, and awards and recognition if any.

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6.    Loading speed

The loading speed of your website does make a huge impact on the success of your business online. Maintaining a faster page loading speed in your website will drastically boost your conversion and sales apart from just helping with good user experience.

If your website is going to take more than three seconds to load, approximately 40% of visitors are more likely to abandon your site. You are not going to take this element of website design lightly, are you?


Not every business website is a success and neither can it be. Deciding to create an amazing website for your business is one thing. Taking the time, efforts, and using the necessary resources to make it happen is another. But you can surely become one of the successful ones if you keep in mind these above-mentioned basic pillars required to build a powerful website.

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