About Unusual Digital Agency


To create success stories with websites that make money and bring fortune to the customers at minimum investment and maximum functionality.


To be the trusted and preferred choice for creating exceptional WordPress websites, ecommerce portals and blogs that convert visitors into business.

We’re a small team of curious designers who wants to turn wild yet practical ideas into realistic designs. We make sure that our customer’s websites are one of the most stunning websites that convert each visitor into customer. With a great sense of business, innovation, and professionalism, the entire team at Unusual Digital combines conventional and modern art and design it to create the most powerful and beautiful website, to meet all your expectations and standards.

Get started today and maximize your user experience and business revenues. Review our website design packages and other branding and marketing services or simply contact us for a free custom quote.

Meet the Founders

Aditya Shrivastava - Director and Founder of Unusual Digital

Aditya Shrivastava

Co-Founder & chief advertising strategist

Aditya Shrivastava is a serial entrepreneur with two successful businesses under his leadership. He heads and leads the advertising wing of Unusual Digital and has run several successful social media and Google ad campaigns.

He is also a certified fitness and body-building coach running a flourishing fitness business, AnExtraRep.

He is known for his sharp analytical skills and discipline among teammates and clients.

Sunita Biddu - Digital Business Coach - Founder of Unusual Digital

Sunita Biddu

Co-founder, Website Architect & Digital Business Coach

Sunita biddu is one of the most favourite Digital Business Coaches & Social Media Mentors among coaches, entrepreneurs and business owners.

Sunita operates as an advisor and website architect at Unusual Digital.

She coaches about how to work less, save more time and make more money using your personal strengths and digital technology. Helping over 2000 customers and trainees every year.

She is known for planning profitable websites & branding strategies with surprisingly fast returns.

Why Prefer Fresh & Innovative Web Designs by Unusual Digital Professionals

Our team shares a common passion to fresh design ideas that work to deliver response and results. Our designs are not only beautiful but also effective and interactive. We take your raw ideas if any and add our vision to build award winning websites.

  • Low Cost @ High Value

Cool freebies! Well designed Facebook, twitter and Linkedin covers and backgrounds for better brand visibility. We believe in delivering more than what we promise. At a competitive cost, you’d get a surprisingly qualified service and ultimate website designs to be proud of your decision. All we want a happy, happy you.

  • Quick Customer Support 

Time is money and we value your time. Our regular updates lets you track everyday update and progress & get your projects completed even faster than promised turnaround.

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