We loved working on our clients’ websites. The best part is – they loved us back, and forever. Hear what they say. We would like to hear your website goals.
We want to commend you and your team for the exceptional support we received throughout the entire process. Your team was able to create a website that truly reflects our brand identity and vision. The communication was seamless. The team’s TAT was impressive, and we felt well-informed every step of the way. In terms of price and value, we feel that the investment was well worth it. We received a high-quality website, and we feel confident that it will contribute to our business success. Overall, we are very satisfied with the final output and we appreciate the hard work and dedication that your team put into this project. We will make sure to recommend your services to anyone looking for a professional and reliable web design team.
INJPartners Team
Qualitative Market Research Company
When I decided to redo my website, the first name that came to my mind was Sunita Biddu. I was looking for a professional who not only knows his/her craft well but also has the knack for knowing what the client wants or is looking forward to. I have known Sunita for many years and know that she has the patience to listen to a person and really get what the client is saying or trying to say. And what I liked the most was the process that she and her team followed to get the whole architecture done for the website and understand who I am as a person and professional. Then put the whole thing together. She and her team were always there to answer all my questions and technical aspects. I really liked what I got as the final output. If you are looking at value for your money along with a satisfying experience and great output for your business through your website, I highly recommend that you get in touch with Sunita and speak to her once.
Kavita Yadav
Parenting Coach
The Attention to detail while designing the website was par excellence & the USP of your team. Most website development teams just want to get the work done as fast as possible with the sole emphasis on aesthetics and without due attention to the content & the purpose of the site. The efforts by the team to actually understand our business and the comprehensive questionnaire sent by you not only helped in creating the right content but also helped us to think about our business with better clarity. The support has been quick & accurate. Seemingly small requests from our side were also discussed & efforts were made by the team to correctly understand the support requests. Initially, the price did seem higher compared to the trend in the website development industry, but when we started experiencing the process we realized the kind of effort, time & thinking that went into the process. The value derived ultimately exceeded the price we paid for developing the website. In fact, I have full confidence when I refer others in my contact sphere to your company. The final output exceeded my expectations and this coupled with the fact that the team is there to support even after the site has been delivered makes me feel comfortable.
Sandeep Bhuwania
Mutual Funds Distributor
When I approached Sunita Biddu for help with developing a website for my literary magazine and publishing start up I had no idea what the process entails. Now that the website is up and running I can say it has been very rewarding and educative, ro be working with Sunita and her team, to create and launch the Write & Beyond website and online magazine. Their process is so systematic and detailed that it helped me understand my own brand and the work we do much better. It was slow and painstaking work, with endless back and forth discussions and kudos to the patience of the developers that every issue and question was handled to our satisfaction Our site reflects all the values and focus of our work perfectly. I must also mention in particular the handing over process and support with site upkeep, editing and so on that was offered to our team. From feeling very overwhelmed with the idea of having to set up our website to now being so at ease with it, I truly appreciate the work out in by Sunita and her team. Thank you for bringing Write & Beyond to the world in the form of our beautiful website!
Kiran Chaturvedi
Thanks to the Unusual Digital team for all their efforts and of course for Sunita's guidance, support and time. I am very happy with the overall outcome. The team have gone over and above the expected e.g. the signature, which I really like and the illustrations. I enjoyed the clearly laid out formats to give my inputs on the content. It helped me to focus my thoughts and write efficiently. I feel that is money well invested and the final output is lean, clean and maneuverable. I have enjoyed the consultative process and thank you for your flexibility and sensitivity in making sure that I didn't have too much to do, all at once.
Smriti Goel
Leadership Coach, The Coaching Anchor
Thank you Unusual Digital team for the ease of working with you. You make me and my work look good with the website design.Thank you for making prompt changes, that I kept bringing up, without a fuss.You kept to all the time lines. The one-word feedbacks that I’ve got for the website - sleek, superb. Thank you Unusualdigital, I will recommend you to anyone who needs to get a good effective website up and running.Sunita, I look forward to continued support from you, because as the start (the website) has been so good, the forward journey only seems more exciting. Thank you for being there always and in all ways.
Dolveen Bhatti
I was guided with every step & detail that required specific criteria from a personalized logo, brand, storyline, additions of services, photos, method of payment refinement of details & character. Back & forth we went, layer by layer with the delivery of a labor of love, softness & beauty. I highly recommend Unusual Digital Team to support any consult or offerings.
Jacinthe Guiho
From start to finish, my interaction with Unusual Digital team was professional, stress-free and I had complete trust in the team’s ability to deliver. They took the time to listen to what I wanted but also brought her own ideas, experience and creativity. Thank you very much for a great customer experience and a website that my network admires.
Devapriya Khanna
The Unusual Digital team created a great website & supporting social media strategy to drive the on-line marketing of our flagship SEAL Leadership Programme. They were highly innovative, strategic and totally client focused. And they've engaged with us to ensure robust implementation and achievement of desired results. Truly impressive.
Ron Mcluckie
Unusual Digital with the owner Sunita and her talented professionals has done a wonderful job in conceptualising and creating a delightful and catchy looking photo blogging website exceeding my expectations. The team is task oriented maintaining strict time frame yet accommodative and responsive to clients mid-course review and changes.
Ajay Gupta
Sunita was extremely helpful throughout the entire design process, and she and her team delivered precisely what we wanted: an attractive and fully-functional website, built to our specifications. I wouldn't hesitate to use Unusual Digital again. Truly impressive.
Sheldon Campbell
This one is a complete opposite. This team did both visual designs and development for our site. The team and the owner were very responsive and very accommodating when it came to uncertainty in requirements and re-work was needed.
Alex Rabinovich
Unusual Digital provided our firm with very good design alternatives as we were exploring updates to our original website. Their process and responsiveness was professional as we collaborated on implementing the final design…and we are pleased with the outcome.
Dan Pearlman
In less than one-month they created a beautiful and professional-looking website for an affordable price. As a startup, we were looking for a company that will provide a quick, efficient and low-cost solution, and we got more than we expected.
Shimrit Shiran
I am happy with the final outcome and the website is as I wanted. Now I'm looking forward to some wonderful results I'm coming months. Thank you Unusual Digital Team. The value was totally worth the price throughout. The especially value the professional expertise from Sunita, about what works in websites for coaches like mine.
Saloni Singh
Sunita is a committed professional with deep knowledge of the digital world. As the architect of my website powefulife.in, she took time to understand and adapt to my needs along with giving her own inputs. She was patient, methodical and always available for support when required. The team worked well under her guidance and helped to execute the vision into a compelling website.
Nirupama Subramanian
Sunita had a lot of clarity not just about the mechanics of putting up a website - but also what will work and what will convert into money! Unusual Digital team's Turn-around time has been super and relevant.I was looking for a minimalistic and professional website yet wanted it to bring out the richness of the offerings provided - The team have been very apt in establishing this balance. I will surely be returning to her when I update my website.
Greg Chapman
I knew that I wanted a different website focused on my personal brand and my specific offerings. I didn't want a regular brochure business website. Unusual Digital team was confident with their experience and I gave a try. I was convinced right after the first cut of my website.From layout to copy and optimization, they took care of everything and I have a website that sends several leads every day. I am glad I found them. High recommended.
Aditya Shrivastava​
Sunita Biddu, along with her team, is a natural choice if you seek elegance and minimalism for your online presence. The team has a flair for projecting your vision, thoughts, and traits through highly customized websites. The solutions are simple, prompt, technically sound, and one ends up enjoying the journey, learning from Sunita's insight. This was not the first website we worked through together, and with an exceptional experience, this will not be the last.
Dr. Leesha & Ajit