Website Design Process

1. Questionnaire to Gather Necessary Details

Website creation begins with a comprehensive questionnaire to collect all the essential details about your business, goals, target audience, and other important features and requirements you're looking for in the new website. This step makes sure that we have a clear understanding of your vision and business objectives from the website.

2. Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important steps to optimize your website for search engines and rank well. Using some of the answers from step 1, our SEO executives get on the job of researching the most relevant and high-traffic keywords for your industry. This step is the foundation to plan the website’s content and structure with easy navigation.

3. Information Architecture

Building websites with a powerful information architecture is the USP of Unusual Digital. This is the reason why our clients prefer us and rely upon us for creating websites that convert into business and leads. Information architecture ensures an intuitive and user-friendly experience while allowing you to update and expand your website in the future.

4. Copy Guidelines

The God is in the Simplicity and Precision. When our co-founder and business mentor Sunita Biddu takes her favorite role of preparing the information architecture, we send you a detailed copy guideline so you can start working on your content and media. This comprehensive guideline outlines the tone, structure, style, wordcount, and sections to maintain consistency throughout the website.

5. Theme Selection

Design is the best part of the website creation process and choosing the right theme is crucial for the aesthetic appeal and brand image of your website. We share a selection of 2-4 high-quality, responsive themes that align with your functional needs while your website looks visually stunning.

6. Website Customization

The ball is in our court now and our team of skilled developers is on the job to create a stunning outcome for you. They customize your chosen theme to put all the features, copy, and media in the right places along with the right color scheme following the industry's design guidelines and build a cohesive and personalized website. The goal is to create a minimal, stunning website with an exceptional user experience.

7. Reviews & Revisions

Once we have the draft ready (it is so good that appears final), we invite you to review. This collaborative and iterative process allows us to make necessary adjustments and ensure the website aligns with your expectations. We implement your inputs and ideas and seek your approval at each stage, guaranteeing a final website you'll fall in love with.

8. Essential Plugins & Features

A good website uses essential functionalities and plugins such as Google Analytics, SEO features, email subscription, contact database, social media integration and more, to improve a website's performance. Our goal is to provide a robust and versatile business website that supports your business goals and delivers a seamless experience to your users.

9. Quality Testing

A great website isn't just aesthetically beautiful, it's healthy from backend. That's where we apply this safety step of quality testing to ensure your website functions flawlessly. Unusual Digital team conducts extensive testing across different devices and browsers to identify and resolve any bugs and issues for functionality, compatibility, and performance.

10. Delivery

And this is the time to hand over your property, ready to use and hit the market. Once we run all our safety and quality checks, the pending payments and dues from your end is cleared, we deliver your fully functional, optimized website, ready for launch.

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